Monday, March 31, 2008

Hot Pastrami Swiss Melt (Reuben's Brother)

1 Flax Rollup (or wrap of your choice)
2 slices swiss cheese
1 tbsp. Russian dressing
2 tbsp. coleslaw
2 oz. deli pastrami

Preheat your GT Xpress. Place all ingredients onto the wrap, fold in sides and roll burrito style. Cook 5-7 min. (see photo)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

15 Minute Meatloaf

14-16 oz. ground beef or meatloaf mix (it comes out real juicy with the meatloaf mix)
1 egg
1/3 cup bread crumbs
1/8 cup parmesan cheese
Onion & Garlic powders

Preheat your GT Xpress. Combine all ingredients & form into 2 loaves. Put one in each well, and press it down & pack it into each well. Cook 15 min. Poke the middle & peek in to make sure it's done. If not, cook 1-2 min. longer and check again. Serves 2. (see photo)

Artichoke & Herb Cheese Pizza

1 Arnold multigrain sandwich thin
1-2 tbsp. Alouette herb cheese spread
a sprinkle of parmesan grated cheese
3 marinated artichoke halves/quarters, drained on a paper towel
1-2 tsp. chopped black olives
1-2 tbsp. shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat GT Xpress. Top bread with cheese spread, grated cheese, artichokes, olives, & mozzarella. Cut in half. Cook 2-3 min. until bottom crisps and cheese melts. (see photo)

Toasted Bagel, Sausage, Eggs, & Cheese

1 large bagel, split & toasted, then cut in half to fit wells
2 eggs
2 Brown & Serve or Jone's pre-cooked sausages (or any pre-cooked sausage)
1 slice American cheese, cut in half

Split your sausages length-wise (see photo) to make thinner. Place into your GT Xpress. Cook 2-3 min. Meanwhile, toast your bagel in your toaster & cut in half to fit wells. Remove sausages & set aside. Dry up any juice from the sausages with a paper towel to clean the GT Xpress. Be careful not to burn yourself. Lay the bottom half of the bagel into both wells. Carefully crack and egg onto each bagel and poke the yoke. Yes, you actually WANT to break it. LOL. Cook 1 min. Top each egg with a couple pieces of sausage & 1/2 slice cheese & put the top back on the bagel. Cook 3-4 min. Keep peeking at it so that it's cooked to YOUR liking. If you want to keep it on another min., then do so. (see photo)
(Makes 2 bagel halves)

Egg McMuffin My Way

1 english muffin, fork split
1 egg
1 slice pre-cooked bacon
1 slice American cheese

Preheat your GT Xpress. I like to toast my english muffin in my toaster first & butter it. Beat egg with a fork. Spray well with cooking spray. Pour egg into well. Cook 2 min. Flip over & place bacon on top. Cook 1 more min. While waiting for egg to cook, place your cheese on the bottom half of your muffin. Place egg on top, and I fold the egg to double stack it as I place it on the muffin bottom. It makes a fatter sandwich. If you want, you can put the top of your muffin on and place it back into the well & cook 1 min. (it will crisp & heat your muffin through). (see photo)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tuna Melt Rollup

1 Flax Rollup
Prepared Tuna salad with mayonnaise
1 thin slice of deli swiss cheese (or half if it's thick)
1 thin slice of American cheese

Preheat your GT Xpress. Prepare your tuna salad with mayo to your liking. I like to add onion and celery, onion and garlic powder, & black pepper to mine. Place cheeses on rollup, so that they almost cover the entire rollup. Spread on the tuna salad. Tuck in sides and roll up & place into well. Cook 5-6 minutes. (see photo)

Rolled Chicken with Cheese & Roasted Peppers

1 thin sliced chicken cutlet
Onion powder
Garlic powder
2 Tbsp. Alouette Garlic Herb Cheese Spread
1 2x2" piece jarred red roasted pepper

Preheat your GT Xpress. Place chicken cutlet between 2 pcs of Saran Wrap & pound thin with a mallet. Season with S&P, onion & garlic powder. Spread Alouette Cheese in the center of the cutlet. Pat dry red roasted pepper & place it on top. Roll up the chicken (not too tight, but not too loose either). Cook 5 min. or until cooked through. (see photo)

GT Xpress 101

GT Xpress 101