Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cajun Chicken Melt

1 Flax wheat Rollup
1 leftover grilled cajun-style chicken cutlet, sliced
a couple of squeezes of liquid Cheeze Whiz

I had some leftover chicken cutlets that I used for this. I bought Emeril's Essence seasoning, sprinkled it on my cutlets, and grilled them.

Preheat your GT Xpress. Put ingredients onto the wrap. Tuck in sides and roll up into a burrito form. Cook 5-7 min. until warm and melty.

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Lee said...

Hi Maryann,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes! I have never heard of Flax Rollups. I'm hoping to find them at the base commissary.Have they been in stores long?

I have been selling my individual GT Xpress recipe books,on Ebay. Would it be ok if I share your recipes(at no cost of course)with members who purchase my books?

Also,I have a recipe ideas list(includes 40)that I put together from online reviews. I would be happy to send you a copy.


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