Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wake Me Up Breakfast Burrito

1 -8"round tortilla
just a smear of chile garlic sauce (with the green lid in the Asian section)
a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese
3 leftover tator tots
2 Oscar Mayer pre-cooked bacon strips, torn in half
1 egg
a splash of milk
S&P, to taste

Preheat your GT Xpress. Beat egg, milk, S&P. Spray 1 well with Pam. Pour egg into one well. Cook 2 min., flip, cook another 2 min. Meanwhile microwave tortilla for 15 sec. to get it workable. Spread chile sauce all over the tortilla. I only used 1/8 tbsp. because a little goes a long way. Top with cheese, tator tots, and bacon. When egg is done put on top. Tuck in sides and roll into a burrito. Place into one well. Cook 2 more min. just to lightly crisp the tortilla.

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