Thursday, August 27, 2009

Italian Omelette

This recipe serves two.

3 eggs, plus one tablespoon of milk
salt & pepper, to taste
leftover roasted sausage and peppers, at room temperature

Preheat your GT or Redi Set Go (with 2 moon insert). Spray wells with Pam spray (or similar). Scramble 3 eggs with a tablespoon of milk, salt & pepper. Add sausage and peppers to the wells, and then the egg mixture. Be careful not to overfill or it will spill over the side. I put the egg mixture in right to the tippy top. Cook 5-6 minutes. Poke your fork in the middle to make sure it is done before removing and serving. I like my eggs well done, and sometimes I need to go to 7 minutes for that. I put some parmesan cheese on top of one. Enjoy it!


Allison said...

Hello Maryann,
I wanted to buy this machine so badly but there are a lot of awful reviews about the teflon peeling, some dishes the outside is burnt, or the middle is not thourghly cooked.
I am now very skeptical!!
Would like your opinion and how long have you had yours?

Thank you,

Maryann said...

I have been pretty lucky. The new one, the Redi Set Go, I've had since it first came out, guessing 9 -12 months. No problems of any kind. The original GT Xpress I had 2 machines that peeled, but only slightly, and that was because you cannot try to clean it when it has stuck on food. I find that I must clean it with a gentle wet cloth while it is still hot-warm, and right after use. When mine did peel slightly, I made do, and started using parchment paper, so I wouldn't have to toss it.

LJS said...

I've yet to notice a problem with the teflon, I have the new version. I also make sure not to use anything abrasive to clean scouring pads or anything, just a cloth or a soft sponge does the trick. Like Maryann said, I also try to wipe it clean while it's still warm soon after using it so things don't stick on. I got mine last summer, and use it almost daily with no problems. I don't know what I'd do without it!

Anonymity said...

Are you still posting recipes?

Steve Berry said...

I just picked a set of Redi set go's and tried to cook rice and it boiled over and made a mess of my glass stovetop (cleaned fine, just a newb mistake)

I want to have as much fun as possible cooking with this so i found your blog, please update it!!

Anonymous said...

Xpress Redi-Set-Go is awesome. I have not seen any complaint so far. I got a great Xpress Redi-Set-Go deal yesterday.

Hope it helps someone.


asp said...

Thanks for creating a blog about the Xpress Redi-Set-Go ... I bought mine for $3.50 with the two attachments (the mini muffin pan & the 2 divided one) at our local Goodwill Store. But it didn't come with the recipes. I love your blog and will come back again. Peace. Amy in South Dakota

susies1955 said...

Miss your recipes. :)

Pretty Pauline said...

Your recipes call to me! Love mine but don't use it enough... I want the one with four compartments for my big fun fam!

Cheryl Keller said...

i have 3 gt express machines i love them, 2 reg, and the ready set go, yeah on the first 2 the teflon is cheap, havent used the new one yet, i recommend using lots of pam spray on them and wipe very carefully to clean, your omelette recipe looks wonderful gona have that for breakfast manana, have a great day, Cheryl

Need2knit said...

This is my first GT xpress 101 - I have noticed that the eggs have to go at least 11 minutes. And after they are done cooking when they arrive on the plate they are deflated in size. Is that normal?

Rachelb823 said...

Excited to find your blog! I just got a Redi Set Go at a garage sale for $3. The teflon is peeling in the large well, but I plan to mainly use the inserts anyway. Thanks for these recipes, hope to see some more if you have them.

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pamela webster said...

I have had both the original and the new Ready Set Go four years since they first came out my daughter has one my son has one and we have never have them peel

GT Xpress 101

GT Xpress 101